joe says "pso preu"

Once again Joe is promoting an essential piece of Portland's thriving arts scene, the Portland Symphony Orchestra. The PSO, widely regarded as one of the top symphony orchestras of its size in the countryis proud to announce the inaugural concerts of the PSO under its new music director, Eckart Preu. 

The PSO has been inspiring audiences since it made its debut almost a century ago. Joe is sure that the inaugural concerns under Mr. Preu will be a smashing success. You can see these performances Sunday, September 22nd and Monday the 23rd. Learn more about these concerts here, and more about the PSO here.

Joe says rock on, PSO!



joe says "help kvn"

If you're a Portlander and you're not familiar by now with STRIVE University, allow Joe to help. The STRIVE program of PSL Services is designed to address the many issues faced by tweens, teens, and young adults (ages 11-24) with developmental disabilities. STRIVE focuses largely on academic success, career readiness, and literary and social skills.

Today is one of STRIVE's unique fundraising events featuring Kevin, a UPS employee who has developed a great partnership with STRIVE. One of Kevin's great volunteer efforts each year is to stay up on a roof until he reaches a certain fundraising goal for STRIVE. This year, Kevin will be atop Patriot Subaru in Saco, ME. He WILL NOT come down until he reaches $35,000! Joe hopes you consider chipping in to help STRIVE reach their fundraising goal and to "help Kevin" come down from the roof!

Find more about STRIVE here and more about Kevin's effort here.

joe says "live untd"

Most Mainers are probably familiar with the United Way, but did you know just how much the United Way of Greater Portland does to serve our Southern Maine community? Joe was inspired when he visited this organization's website and learned just how tirelessly these folks work to guarantee a quality education for every child, financial stability for every family, and access to healthcare for all.

Today was the United Way of Greater Portland’s Annual Campaign with the United We CAN Food Drive + Sculpture Contest. Teams constructed sculptures in Monument Square from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Wayside Food Programs will distribute collected food to pantries throughout Cumberland County.

Learn more about the United Way of Greater Portland at their website or their Facebook page.

                          Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "kpkd safe"

As far as messages on the Time & Temp, it doesn't get much more important than this. KPKID SAFE stands for Keep Kids Safe, which is an important part of the mission of Stop Trafficking US, an organization that to motivates people to stop the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Survivor and founder, Catherine Wilson, speaks to audiences across the country, sharing her story and raising awareness about the effects of childhood abuse, neglect, and exploitation. It is up to all of US to stop the cycle from continuing.

From September 12-14th, this important organization is hosting its Keep Kids Safe Maine Event, a free Community Conference for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Held at the First Baptist Church at 360 Canco Road in Portland, this three-day event will feature ten speakers, a band, and dialogue on this important issue that should matter to all of us.
Joe applauds the work of Ms. Wilson and her colleagues, and shares their hope for a day when child trafficking is a distant memory. Learn more about this organization hereand more about the event here.

joe says "afsp walk"

Like so many others, Joe believes too many Mainers have lost their lives to suicide. We regret the loss of each one. Joe wants to spread the word about one organization that's taking an active role in preventing these losses: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Established in 1987, the AFSP is a voluntary health organization that gives those affected by suicide a nationwide community empowered by research, education and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death. AFSP is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. AFSP creates a culture that’s smart about mental health by funding scientific research, educating the public about mental health and suicide prevention, advocating for public policies in mental health and suicide prevention, and supporting survivors of suicide loss and those affected by suicide.

Tomorrow, September 7th, AFSP is hosting its Out of the Darkness Walk, which will raise awareness and funds that allow the AFSP to invest in new research, create educational programs, advocate for public policy, and support survivors of suicide loss. Joe offers his thanks to this wonderful organization for the amazing work they do, and urges you to learn more about them here and more about the Walk here.

                           Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "brkn brde"

Here's a new message that you'll need this blog to decipher: Broken Bride is a production being put on this weekend by the St. Lawrence Arts Center. Located in Portland's East End, the St. Lawrence Arts Center is an affordable and accessible venue for diverse offerings of performance arts - theater, dance, music, film, workshops and more. This great organization adds activity, entertainment, cultural enrichment, social interaction, renovation and investment that serve both the surrounding neighborhood of Munjoy Hill as well as the residents of Greater Portland.

This weekend's production of Broken Bride, to be shown Friday and Sunday, is sure to be a special one.

Learn more about Broken Bride here and more about St. Lawrence Arts Center here.

                       Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "genz mzcl"

Here's a tough message to decipher without a little help: Gen-Z: The Musical is a play directed and performed by local teens. It will make its much-anticipated premiere August 16th and 17th at Portland Players Theater in South Portland -- the oldest community theater in Maine. A talented group of local teens have spent the better part of a year writing the book, lyrics and music for this production. Joe is sure it'll be a great success and urges you to check it out!

Learn more about Gen-Z: the Musical here and more about Portland Players here.

                         Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "itln bazr"

Readers of the blog will recognize this one. This weekend Joe is spreading the word about the 94th Annual St. Peter's Italian Bazaar. Hosted by the St. Peter's Parish in Portland this weekend, the bazaar celebrates the Feast of the Assumption and the Feast of Saint Rocco. The festival includes a road race, delicious food, and more! Find more about the event here, and Joe hopes it's a great success!

                    Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.