joe says "genz mzcl"

Here's a tough message to decipher without a little help: Gen-Z: The Musical is a play directed and performed by local teens. It will make its much-anticipated premiere August 16th and 17th at Portland Players Theater in South Portland -- the oldest community theater in Maine. A talented group of local teens have spent the better part of a year writing the book, lyrics and music for this production. Joe is sure it'll be a great success and urges you to check it out!

Learn more about Gen-Z: the Musical here and more about Portland Players here.


joe says "itln bazr"

Readers of the blog will recognize this one. This weekend Joe is spreading the word about the 94th Annual St. Peter's Italian Bazaar. Hosted by the St. Peter's Parish in Portland this weekend, the bazaar celebrates the Feast of the Assumption and the Feast of Saint Rocco. The festival includes a road race, delicious food, and more! Find more about the event here, and Joe hopes it's a great success!

                    Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "100 wmen"

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your community but felt like you needed help? Joe knows how much being part of a group can empower an individual, and that's why he's proud to promote the Southern Maine chapter of 100 Women Who Care. 100 Women Who Care Southern Maine is a group of local women who are interested in supporting our communities by contributing to Southern Maine charities together as a group to increase the impact. The organization's mission is to reach out and help the community by finding 100 or more women (the count is currently almost 400!) to each contribute $50 four times a year in order to give $20,000+ annually to local charities. All charities and organizations up for consideration must be in the Southern Maine area. The idea is to keep it local and have an impact that can be seen in our communities!

100 Women's next meeting is tonight, August 5th, at the Italian Heritage Center-- 40 Westland Ave, Portland, ME from 5:45-7:40pm. There will be time for networking, appetizers and a glass of wine before the meeting starts at 6:30pm. Come find out what a great group of generous and thoughtful women can do when they put their minds to it!

Find out more about this local organization here, and please consider joining the movement!

Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "avry angl"

Joe didn't realize this, but today, July 30th, is Gastroschisis Awareness Day. Gastroschisis is a birth defect that causes the baby's intestines to be found outside of the body. Soon after the baby is born, surgery will be needed to place the abdominal organs inside the baby’s body and repair the hole in the abdominal wall. Even after the repair, infants with Gastroschisis can have problems with nursing and eating, digestion of food, and absorption of nutrients.

Today Joe is promoting a nonprofit called Avery's Angels, which is dedicated to the cause of Gastroschisis. Avery's Angels provides support to families, funds the needs of the cause above all else, and encourages research to discover the causes and promote prevention.

Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation has grown to 200 volunteers across multiple continents as of July 2014. Joe applauds the work this organization does, and offers his best wishes to anyone suffering from this heartbreaking condition. May a day come when no child will be affected by Gastroschisis. Until then, Joe offers his thanks to the folks at Avery's Angels.

                      Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.


joe says "ariv aliv"

Having been a personal injury attorney for over 40 years, Joe has seen too many lives ruined by dangerous driving. To raise awareness about this important issue, Joe holds the Arrive Alive Creative Contest each year for graduating high school seniors throughout Maine. Now in it's 15th year, seniors may enter by submitting a creative project that sends a message to their peers about the dangers of drinking and driving and/or distracted driving.

Past entries have included essays, poems, paintings, public service announcements, videos, original songs, t-shirts, board games, drawings and more. The more creative, the better! First place winners receive a new laptop computer, second and third place winners receive a new iPad, and everyone who enters wins fun prizes from the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein.

This year's contest has come and gone, and as usual Joe was floored by the quality of the entries. Be sure to check out winning submissions at Only 298 days left to enter next year's competition-- Joe encourages any and all high school seniors in Maine to submit an entry into the contest, and more importantly encourages everyone on the road to practice safe driving techniques.

                           Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "tri4 cure"

Like so many other people, Joe's life has been touched by cancer. As heartbreaking as the disease can be, few things inspire Joe more than survivors and their resilience. Each year, over a thousand women (many of them survivors) gather in South Portland to swim, bike & run as they Tri for a Cure in Maine's only all-women's triathlon. The Tri for a Cure, held by the Maine Cancer Foundation, has become the largest triathlon in the state, providing a unique opportunity for women to engage in the fight against cancer here in Maine. The triathletes share a unique bond; some are cancer survivors, others are racing in support of their loved ones, but all of them share the desire to create a cancer-free Maine, a desire that Joe shares. This year's event is this Sunday, July14th, in South Portland. Find more about the Tri at the here. Joe wishes good luck to the competitors and to everyone who has ever suffered from this terrible disease, and he hopes that all female readers of this blog consider participating next year (or at least coming to watch and cheer!)

Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "meca sale"

Who wants to support local Portland artists? Joe sure does, which is why he's excited that the Maine College of Art (MECA) will again be holding its annual "Collect" art sale in support of MECA's scholarship fund and participating artists. Collect will be held from 10am-6pm this Thursday, June 27th, through Saturday, June 29th. This fundraiser features a unique, diverse and unexpected array of work in a variety of genres with a range of prices, sizes and media, including original jewelry, textiles, prints, furniture, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, drawings, photography, textiles and more. Artwork will be rotated daily with fresh work on display each day. Find out more about the event here. Admission to the sale is free, so be sure to stop in and find the perfect gift, crafts, and fine arts by MECA students, alumni, faculty and staff. Who knows, you might even run into Joe!

                Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "pae grad"

Few things inspire Joe more than seeing people better themselves through education. (One of Joe's heroes is his great-grandmother Esther, who graduated law school in age 65!) In Portland, there is an organization that helps adults in the area to lead better and more fulfilling lives. Portland Adult Education, PAE, is a wide-ranging community program that brings people and resources together for academic courses, for job skills or personal enrichment, for special needs, or just for fun. Classes are held throughout the city at different times. You can find more about this amazing organization here. Since it's that time of the year, the Portland Adult Education graduation ceremony is coming up. At this lovely ceremony, PAE's graduates will be honored at Merrill Auditorium. Joe is sure it will be an inspiring event, and wishes the graduates all the future success!

                  Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.