joe says "sk8 lbs"

Typically Joe reserves the space on the Time & Temp sign for local nonprofit organizations. On rare occasions he does make exceptions; usually when a private company makes a generous donation to a local nonprofit, which is exactly what Long's Board Shop did for the Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness, Joe's favorite local organization, whose mission is to promote safe, respectful and inclusive schools and communities.

Located at 333 Clarks Pond Parkway in South Portland, Long's Board Shop is a family skate shop, run by a family for the skate family. The family home to the community’s skateboard and snowboard needs. Holding true to the independence and self expression of skateboarding and snowboarding this is a place for skaters, boarders, and their families.

The crew at LBS is excited for the upcoming Go Skateboarding Day 2018. Join them on Thursday, June 21st, at the Portland Skatepark for a BBQ and for the drawing of the winner of the Year Supply of Vans, and a raffle fundraiser for the skatepark expansion. Joe offers his thanks to LBS for their generous donation to Cromwell and encourages Portlanders to check out this local shop for all your skating needs!

Learn more about Long's Board Shop here, more about Go Skateboarding 2018 here, and more about Cromwell Center here.

                       Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "lgbt prde"

Joe loves how diverse his hometown of Portland has become. Among the many tiles in the mosaic of Portland is our active LGBTQIA community. This week is a celebration of the strides they have made, both from a legal and social perspective. Pride Portland! is a celebration of Portland's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied community. The organization's goal is to bring people together to celebrate the achievements of the LGBTQA movement, remember its history, and raise awareness of the work that still needs to be done. Find more about this organization, including a schedule of upcoming events, at its website. Joe hopes the events this weekend are a great success, and applauds this community for their resilience and strength.

                  Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "capt mike"

Joe sends his condolences to the family and friends of Captain Michael C. Kucsma Jr. Mike dedicated his life to helping others, serving in both the Portland and Gorham Fire Departments. May he rest in peace.

                           Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "fur ball"

Calling all of Portland's animal-lovers: once again Joe is promoting the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. The mission of ARLGP is to provide temporary care and shelter for stray, abandoned, confiscated and relinquished animals, and to place as many as possible into responsible and caring homes. Every year this organization takes in nearly 4,000 stray, abandoned, or owner-surrendered animals, and maintains committed to providing the best possible care for these animals by ensuring they receive the love, dignity, respect, and medical attention they deserve. Joe applauds the work done on behalf of animals by this local organization, and urges you to consider attending their annual Fur Ball fundraiser, held at 6pm this Friday, June 15th, at the Aura in Portland. The event fill feature live music, dancing, and a raffle- all for a great cause. Find more about the event and the organization here. Joe hopes the event is a "ball"!

                           Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "stnd 4me"

Joe loves to spread the word about organizations who advocate for those Mainers without a voice, and that's exactly what Catholic Charities Maine does. Each day, the over 600 employees of Catholic Charities Maine come to the aid of the poor and vulnerable throughout the state of Maine. They see the faces of people suffering from mental illness, hurt and frightened children and families, those fallen victim to loneliness and isolation, those battling addictions, anxious refugees, and thousands of others who have been stripped and beaten by circumstance. A faith-based, non-profit organization, Catholic Charities Maine has been serving the poor and vulnerable populations of Maine since 1966. From food banks in Aroostook to child care in York County, this organization has helped more than 50,000 of our neediest neighbors last year, answering want with generosity and replacing despair with hope.

Saturday, June 23rd is your chance to STAND with Catholic Charities and to support Maine's most vulnerable citizens. From 6-9pm that night at Southern Maine Community College, please come enjoy an evening of beer and wine sampling, savory hors d’oeuvres, live music, a silent auction, and s’mores under the stars. Joe is sure the event will be a special one and urges you to consider attending and lending a hand to this essential local organization.

Learn more about Catholic Charities here and more about the STAND fundraiser here.

                          Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.

joe says "memc 25th"

Given what Joe has done for a living for the past 40+ years, he knows the importance of quality insurance. That's why he's joining in the celebration of MEMIC's 25th anniversary. MEMIC, or the Maine Employers' Mutual Insurance Company, plays an important role in our state. In 1992, the cost of workers' compensation insurance in Maine was more than twice the national average. Today, workplace injuries in Maine have been reduced by about 40% while the cost has decreased by more than 50%. This is thanks in no small part to MEMIC.

As this blog's readers well know, Joe typically reserves the Time & Temp sign for local nonprofit organizations. In order to have its message atop the city for a day, MEMIC (a for-profit company) gave a generous gift to Joe's favorite local nonprofit, the Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness, whose mission is to promote safe, respectful and inclusive schools and communities. Joe offers his thanks to MEMIC for their generous gift, and his continued thanks to the folks at Cromwell for the integral work they do for our community.

Learn more about Cromwell here and more about MEMIC here.

                         Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.


joe says "vets upbd"

It was just a few months ago that Joe spread the word about the USM chapter of the Student Veterans of America. Well, today he's promoting another group advocating for veterans at Portland's largest university: The University of Southern Maine’s Veterans Upward Bound program will serve 125 income eligible, first-generation veterans per year from across the state of Maine. Of Maine’s 119,058 veterans, 7,954 are low-income and 89,179 do not have a bachelor’s degree and are highly likely to be potential first-generation college students. The Upward Bound program provides assessment and enhancement of basic skills through counseling, mentoring, tutoring and academic instruction in the core subject areas. Veterans may apply to attend the college of their choice.

TRIO Veterans Upward Bound will provide vital assistance to low-income veterans seeking to become first-generation college students, including the resources and support necessary to apply, enroll and succeed in postsecondary education. College-bound veterans will receive intensive year-round support, academic tutoring, VUB advising, preparation for college entrance exams, information on federal student financial aid programs, assistance in completing financial aid applications, guidance on entry into post-secondary education, educational and counseling services to improve financial and economic literacy, and intensive basic academic skills development; as well as general college readiness, study skills, career development, and personal and leadership growth.

Joe offers his thanks to the good folks at USM for offering this assistance to those men and women who bravely serve our country. Please learn more about this important program here.

joe says "hati walk"

Next up on the Time & Temp Sign, Joe is promoting a more global cause: the Konbit Sante Cap-Haitian Health Partnership. This organization started in Portland as a group of health care professionals, business people, and other interested parties who shared a desire to work on building a sustainable health system in a community somewhere in the developing world. In 2001, a Haitian doctor doing his residency at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine told them about Cap-Haitian, Haiti. Following a May 2001 site visit to Cap-Haitian, in November 2001, they formally established a partnership with Justinian University Hospital ( JUH) in Cap-Haitian, the second largest teaching hospital in Haiti. Today, Konbit Sante continues its established relationship with the Haitian Ministry of Health, partners with four health facilities in Greater Cap-Haitian and supports initiatives in women and children's health, infrastructure improvements, supply chain, emergency response, and quality improvement, training and management.  Joe urges you to learn more about this inspiring local organization by going to their website.

Sunday June 10th is the Partnership's Ninth Annual Maine Walks with Haiti + 5K Walk/Run. Find more about this fun Portland event here. Joe hopes the weather cooperates and that the walk/run goes off without a hitch!

                           Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.