joe says "yllw wlpr"

This is a tough one to decipher, but Joe's here to help you out. YLLW WLPR stands for Yellow Wallpaper, the title of the production currently being put on by Bare Portland, a performance collaborative focused on community building through site-specific creative projects.  Bare Portland collaborates with a broad section of local creatives, as well as organizations
outside the creative sector. Yellow Wallpaper is an immersive experience inspired by the classic short story and devised by the company. This adaptation explores the classic tale for a modern audience through movement, puppetry, and
prose. Be sure to check it out August 18th-20th and 23rd-26th at Eighteen Twenty Wines on 219 Anderson Street in Portland. Joe hopes the production goes off without a hitch and hopes you check it out!

Find more about Bare Portland here.

                 Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.