joe says "vets upbd"

It was just a few months ago that Joe spread the word about the USM chapter of the Student Veterans of America. Well, today he's promoting another group advocating for veterans at Portland's largest university: The University of Southern Maine’s Veterans Upward Bound program will serve 125 income eligible, first-generation veterans per year from across the state of Maine. Of Maine’s 119,058 veterans, 7,954 are low-income and 89,179 do not have a bachelor’s degree and are highly likely to be potential first-generation college students. The Upward Bound program provides assessment and enhancement of basic skills through counseling, mentoring, tutoring and academic instruction in the core subject areas. Veterans may apply to attend the college of their choice.

TRIO Veterans Upward Bound will provide vital assistance to low-income veterans seeking to become first-generation college students, including the resources and support necessary to apply, enroll and succeed in postsecondary education. College-bound veterans will receive intensive year-round support, academic tutoring, VUB advising, preparation for college entrance exams, information on federal student financial aid programs, assistance in completing financial aid applications, guidance on entry into post-secondary education, educational and counseling services to improve financial and economic literacy, and intensive basic academic skills development; as well as general college readiness, study skills, career development, and personal and leadership growth.

Joe offers his thanks to the good folks at USM for offering this assistance to those men and women who bravely serve our country. Please learn more about this important program here.