joe says "tri4 cure"


As heartbreaking as cancer can be, few things inspire Joe more than survivors and their resilience. Each year, over a thousand women (many of them survivors) gather in South Portland to swim, bike & run as they Tri for a Cure in Maine's only all-women's triathlon. The Tri for a Cure, held by the Maine Cancer Foundation, has become the largest triathlon in the state, providing a unique opportunity for women to engage in the fight against cancer here in Maine. The triathletes share a unique bond; some are cancer survivors, others are racing in support of their loved ones, but all of them share the desire to create a cancer-free Maine, a desire that Joe shares. This year's event is this Sunday, July 20th, in South Portland. Find more about the Tri at the official website. Joe wishes good luck to the competitors and to everyone who has ever suffered from this terrible disease and hopes that you consider participating next year (or at least coming to watch and cheer!)


Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's work here and here.