joe says "teoc othr"

Joe loves to learn new things about his hometown through his role as Time & Temp Gatekeeper, and today he learned that there's a theater company in Portland devoted to encouraging cultural diversity and and the preservation of cultural heritage. The Theater Ensemble of Color creates opportunities for all to celebrate, share, and participate in the evolving cultural traditions of Maine while encouraging greater diversity in the pool of working artists of color in Portland and Maine. It does this by providing artists from across the state a non-threatening haven and avenue to performance that values and reinforces cultural diversity. This organization's mission is to strengthen our communities through education, performance and social activism focusing on arts, culture and inclusion.

"TEOC's" upcoming performance "The Others" is a compilation of slaves, strumpets, bastards, shrews, whores, monsters, witches, aliens and infidels in Shakespeare. The show runs Friday - Monday January 13-15 at the Space Gallery. Joe thinks you should check it out!

Find more about this exciting organization here.

            Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.