joe says "stnd bear"

Joe has been amazed by the transformation his hometown has undergone since he was a boy. The city is constantly becoming more vibrant and dynamic, and that's thanks in no small part to the Portland Public Art Committee, which preserves, restores, and enhances the City's public art collection. The Committee's objective is to promote the educational, cultural, economic, and general welfare of the City and its citizens through art. Portland recently received a gift of Bernard Langlais sculptures, and the PPAC is hosting a press event on 12/18 about the gift at the Ocean Gateway Terminal, in front of Langlais's Standing Bear. If you're interested in the artistic side of our city, check out the event, and if you're interested in the Langlais's bears, check out this website for more info.

For more info about the Portland Public Art Committee, click here.

Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's work here and here.