joe says "save salt"

As a big fan of the vibrant art culture in his hometown, Joe was saddened to hear the recent news that the Salt Institute would be closing. For those unaware, the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies is a Maine school that has nurtured documentary storytelling for more than 40 years. Over 1,000 writers, photographers and radio and multimedia storytellers have attended the Salt Institute since it first opened. Unfortunately, recent financial challenges have left the school in an unsustainable position, but a group of alumni and community members calling themselves Save Salt refuse to let this beloved organization go down without a fight. This group has proposed a plan to Salt's board of directors that could possibly save the school. Joe hopes this band of passionate artists is successful in their efforts, and is happy to spread the word to the city. He urges Portlanders to find more about Salt here, and more about the Save Salt effort here.

Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.