joe says "sar ssm"

Joe prides himself on his decades of work on behalf of injured Mainers. He also has great respect for another organization that works tirelessly on behalf of such people: SARSSM- the Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine. This organization has been providing free and confidential services to victims of sexual assault since 1973. SARSSM has two main foci: to provide support and advocacy to victims of sexual violence, and to provide prevention education and awareness around the issue of sexual violence and exploitation. This Monday, November 2nd, SARSSM will be hosting its annual meeting and leadership award ceremony. With a focus on the issue of sex trafficking in Maine, this ceremony will honor Cathy Lee, an international leader on justice for women. Joe applauds the work done by Ms. Lee and everyone affiliated with SARSSM, and is happy that such an organization exists to benefit victims of sexual violence in Maine. He urges you to find out more about this organization here.

Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.