joe says "ppl pulp"


While Joe is no expert in Pulp Art, he is a big fan of the Portland Public Library (seen in the foreground below, thanks to Corey Templeton), which is hosting the world's largest collection of Pulp Cover Art in a comprehensive touring exhibition of the original paintings and the magazine covers they became. This exhibition is the first in-depth look at these incredible yet misunderstood works of art, some of which, due to their controversial content, have not been seen in public since the Roaring Twenties. As described by scholars and specialists who have studied the genre, Pulp Art ... "is more than simply an American art form. It is a state of mind. Politically incorrect, shocking, offensive and obviously fun.... It is unforgettable." The exhibition will be on display in the main library until Friday, December 26. Find more about this project at the library's website, and have fun checking it out! 

Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's work here and here.