joe says "port wlrs"

One of the best things about managing the Time & Temperature sign is that Joe gets to learn about all types of happenings in his hometown, from fun film festivals to inspiring non-profits; today's message falls into the latter category. The Portland Wheelers is an organization consisting of a growing number of people in the Greater Portland area who want to give the gift of bicycling - or tricycling - to people who, until now, could only dream about "going for a ride." The Wheelers are about making it possible for those living with disability, debility, or dementia - old and young alike - to get outdoors, enjoy the wind in their face, and connect with the larger community. All the while smiling, laughing, and having a whole lotta fun. As a young man, Joe was an avid cyclist, and he's always been fond of organizations that care for the disabled, so he finds this organization especially inspiring. Joe hopes you check out this great group at its official website and perhaps consider donating your time or money to this wonderful organization.

                          Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.