joe says "one day"

Joe is always happy to promote local educational institutions. That's especially true when it's a school that has given so much to his family. Waynflete is a K-12 school whose mission is to engage the imagination and intellect of its students, to guide them toward self-governance and self-knowledge, and to encourage their responsible and caring participation in the world. Waynflete's aim is to provide a program that combines security with challenge, playful exploration with rigorous expectation and range of experience with depth of inquiry. Joe wanted to help spread the word that tomorrow is Waynflete's "One Day"fundraiser, when the a 24-hour period when the entire school community comes together to support the Waynflete Fund. Joe hopes it's a great success, and offers his thanks to the folks at Waynflete for the countless memories and lessons they imparted on his children.

Learn more about Waynflete here.

PS thanks to Erin for the photos!