joe says "MGMC SING"

Joe always loves to promote talented Maine artists, and that's why he's spreading the word about the Maine Gay Men's Chorus. MGMC was established in 1992 and performed in Maine for twenty years. After a three-year hiatus, it was reinvented and relaunched in January 2015. Under the artistic direction of Larry Jackson, MGMC performs before enthusiastic audiences during the Pride Season in June and the Holiday Season in December. MGMC also performs at special events and functions upon request.

MGMC features talent from all around the great State of Maine. To call them singers would be to undersell this gifted group of people who, in their hearts and spirits, are true performers. Representing many walks of life, professions, and ages, MGMC is a diverse group of individuals whose performances move audiences to tears, laughter, and cheer.

This month MGMC is teaming up with other local music groups for I Sing Out!, a performance/celebration you won't want to miss. Held on June 14th, 15th, and 16th, these shows will take place at Portland Players in South Portland.

Learn more about this local organization here, and more about I Sing Out! here.