joe says "las caux"

By now Portlanders must know that Joe is a fan of Portland's theater scene, and that's why he's now promoting yet another wonderful local stage company, Pie Man Theatre Company, where the current production is Lascaux, a world premiere suspense thriller by Portland playwright, actor and educator Kevin O’Leary, from May 11-21, 2017 at Mayo Street Arts in Portland, ME. Lascaux takes as its jumping off point the discovery of the prehistoric cave paintings in the caves of Lascaux, France, then weaves a tense and haunting “what if?” tale of discovery and betrayal, of love and lies and the lengths some will go to keep the past buried.

Joe is sure that the production will be a huge success and says "break a leg" to everyone involved!

Find more about the Pie Man Theatre Company here, and more about Lascaux here.