joe says "kpkd safe"

As far as messages on the Time & Temp, it doesn't get much more important than this. KPKID SAFE stands for Keep Kids Safe, which is an important part of the mission of Stop Trafficking US, an organization that to motivates people to stop the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Survivor and founder, Catherine Wilson, speaks to audiences across the country, sharing her story and raising awareness about the effects of childhood abuse, neglect, and exploitation. It is up to all of US to stop the cycle from continuing.

From September 12-14th, this important organization is hosting its Keep Kids Safe Maine Event, a free Community Conference for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Held at the First Baptist Church at 360 Canco Road in Portland, this three-day event will feature ten speakers, a band, and dialogue on this important issue that should matter to all of us.
Joe applauds the work of Ms. Wilson and her colleagues, and shares their hope for a day when child trafficking is a distant memory. Learn more about this organization hereand more about the event here.