joe says "junr lgue"

Here's a new one by Joe: the The Junior League of Portland, ME is a women's organization that works to affect change and improve the community through developing effective volunteer leadership. For over 90 years they have worked toward their mission to develop the potential of women while affecting change and improving the community, through the promotion of effective volunteer leadership. On September 9, 1922 twelve charter members met to organize the Junior League of Portland, ME. Since that day may years ago, the Junior League has been instrumental in transforming greater Portland.

The Junior League's annual Fire & Ice Fete was held yesterday, Friday, February 10th. Joe made his best effort to give Portlanders a heads up, but Mother Nature had other ideas and decided a citywide parking ban would go up on the sign instead. Joe hopes to be able to help spread the word about Junior League again next year, and wishes them success as they continue to thrive as an organization.

Find more about the Junior League here and here.

                  Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.