Joe says "CALL JOE"

For more than three decades, Joe Bornstein has been representing Mainers who have been injured or who have lost loved ones as a result of the carelessness or negligent actions of another person. Today, Joe is perhaps the best-known personal injury lawyer in Maine and continues his tireless efforts to get Mainers the justice they deserve. Joe is dedicated to giving back to the communities he serves. He proudly supports and participates in several legal and civic organizations and activities, including the firm's annual Arrive Alive Creative Contest. The program is celebrating its ninth year working with several Maine high schools and asks graduating seniors to creatively promote safe and sober decision making to their peers.

If you spend time in Portland, you've probably noticed that the Time and Temperature Sign is often flashing cryptic messages that are difficult to decipher. Usually, these are messages that Joe wants to send to the people of Portland, whether spreading the word about a non-profit organization, a certain baseball team winning the world series, or a thank you note to veterans. This site will allow the people of Portland to figure out exactly what Joe is trying to say. We hope you like the site, and don't forget the lawyer you need to know- Call Joe.


Photo courtesy of Chris Trafford. See more of his work here.