joe says "buya bale"

Readers of this blog are by now familiar with the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, New England's largest horse shelter. The Society is caring for many horses in various stages of recovery from abuse or neglect. Some are healthy, trained, and awaiting adoption into a new permanent home; others will live out their days at the Society’s Windham farm.

It takes 20,000 bales of hay to feed The Society's horses for a year. The 2021 Buy a Bale fundraiser gives everyone a chance to help the horses.$5 feeds a horse for a day, and a $155 gift feeds a horse for an entire month.  If you love horses, you probably really love baby horses!  Click here to meet Little B, an energetic foal born just 2 months ago to a rescued mare at the MSSPA shelter.  Little B will need lots of hay to help him grow big and strong and ensure that he is ready for adoption when he is grown.  You can read the 2021 Buy-A-Bale stories here, or give the gift of hay to the horses here.

Joe's team offers our thanks to the folks at MSSPA for the great work they do, and his appreciation to the readers of this blog who lend a hand to this great cause.

                       Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.