joe says "arch talx"

One of Joe's favorite things about his hometown of Portland is how visually striking it is: from its natural beauty to the feats of architecture that line its streets, Portland is as photogenic as any city out there. One group brings design experts from around the world to speak on the aesthetic and design of Portland: Architalx. The mission of Architalx is to broaden awareness and understanding of architecture, landscape architecture and design by sponsoring lectures that foster evocative and creative dialogue within the design community and with the general public. The goal of Architalx is to enrich our community by gathering speakers from across the globe to bring world-class ideas and design to Maine.

Tonight at 6pm is an Architalx event at Aura in Portland. This lecture will be given by Jennifer Toy and Chelina Odberg, and in honor of this group's 30th anniversary the event is free of charge, though you should still secure tickets here. Joe thinks you should check it out, and urges you to learn more about Architalx here.

                   Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.