joe says "2020 book"

In these uncertain times, we're all looking for ways to help our fellow Mainers. Well, Joe wants you to know about one such effort. Educate Maine, a local nonprofit that advances education policies and practices that prepare Maine students to be the next generation of productive, engaged citizens, is running the 2,020 Maine Books Challenge, the purpose of which is to support local students and businesses during this period of remote learning by getting books in the hands of as many Maine children as possible. Educate Maine is working with its network of County Teachers of the Year and Education Leaders Experience alumni to distribute books in all 16 counties. They are also supporting Maine’s independent bookstores. Joe has been proud to participate in this noble and timely effort and encourages other local businesses to do the same.

Learn more about Educate Maine here and more about the 2,020 Maine Books Challenge here.