joe says "chrl brwn"

At this time of the year, Joe always gets in the holiday spirit- that's why he couldn't help but use the sign this weekend to promote the production of A Charlie Brown Christmas, put on by Joe's friends over at A Company of Girls (ACOG). ACOG is an award-winning, nationally recognized after-school theater/arts prevention program. The program is offered throughout the school year free of charge and provides transportation for girls and their families to meeting dates and field trips. ACOG's programming helps shape girls into young women who have the confidence and spirit of inclusiveness to make positive changes in our community, and remain resilient to life's challenges. Joe has a lot of respect for the work that ACOG does, and thinks you should not only check out their website, but also try to make time to see the play, which is playing December 11th-19th. Joe says break a leg, ladies!

Photography by Corey Templeton. See more of Corey's photos here and here.