joe says "lhof fest"

One of Joe's favorite things about growing up and living in Maine is the natural beauty that our state has in abundance. While he spends most of his time these days working, he always appreciates the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty around him. That's why tonight he's promoting the Life Happens Outside Festival, which will be held this coming Friday and Saturday at Thompson's Point. LHOF Fest is a celebration of active outdoor lifestyles, and is hosted by Teens to Trails, a nonprofit dedicated solely to increasing the opportunities for teens to experience the out-of-doors. "T3" knows that teens live healthier and happier lives when connected to the natural world. Joe happens to agree, and that's why he's offering them his support on the Time & Temp.

Please find more about Teens to Trails here, and more about LHOF Fest here.